Artemis TDL are pleased to announce that they will be delivering incident command revalidation courses (ICL 1 – ICL4) from January 2022 which will allow services to have staff formally accredited for the first time. Artemis TDL has been delivering revalidation courses for over 8 years and welcome the introduction of  formal recognition for delegates […]

Nothing New Under the Sun: Grenfell Tower 2017 and Summerland 1973

  Despite the claims that the fire at Grenfell Tower was “unprecedented”, the facts tend to disproved this assertion. Instead, we find that while the consequences were  unusually bad  almost all of the issues being raised in the media and the inquiry have occurred at other incidents previously. If we look at the fire at […]

Fire and Rescue Degree : 100% student satisfaction

            The University of Wolverhampton’s Fire and Rescue Degree Program has been given 100% by  third year students in the 2017/18 National Students Survey. The course was also ranked 3rd out of 400 +  courses run at the University in the survey.  Many students have now joined fire and rescue […]

Grenfell Tower: Some Considerations

As the enquiry starts to make its way through the labyrinth of material to try to understand what has gone wrong and how to prevent such disaster happening again, I tried to clarify what some of the problems are and how we arrived at this state of confusion with the regulations and if there are […]

Grenfell Tower Inquiry Begins

As the Grenfell Tower Inquiry begins, there is likely to be suggestions from some, that the events of 14th June 2017, were “unavoidable” or “unforeseeable”. This article published in “Fire Magazine” in January 2014, shows that the reality is somewhat different and that this tragedy could have been foreseen years ago.  As an overview of […]

Delivering Management Training for the Aviation Industry

The Artemis Leadership and Management Development Team have been busy delivering leadership training to a dozen senior managers from a wide range of airports across the UK and Falkland Islands. Skills for Justice Level 5 Course The level 5 course in Fire Service Operational Management is accredited by Skills for Justice Awards. The course covers […]

BSc (Hons) Fire and Rescue

“Lecturers are excellent, helpful and supportive! Excellent knowledge, as they have been there and done it.” “Great support from course staff, not only with things related to the course but also personal issues. The degree has opened up so many doors for me and helped me get a part-time role in my chosen field whilst […]

BSc (Hons) Aviation Fire & Rescue (distance learning)

“This program has provided me with an invaluable experience and has greatly enhanced my awareness level as an operational fire officer. The modules are very informative, and the tutors-to-student interactions are very good as well. As I move forward in my studies, I can definitely foresee my capacity as a proficient fire officer expanding. The […]

Other recommendations

“Tony has been writing for FIRE magazine since 2003 and has written over 150 feature articles. He has an unsurpassed knowledge of the history of the UK Fire and Rescue Service, and major incidents both the UK and around the world. He manages to bring together both the operational aspects of incidents with the human […]

High-rise fires in the UAE

High-rise fires are one of the biggest challenges currently faced by the Fire and Rescue Service. They are uniquely dangerous situations for both firefighters and members of the public. We all dread the headlines talking about “towering infernos” – and experts telling us “we told you so.” (Particularly after things have gone terribly wrong and […]