“This program has provided me with an invaluable experience and has greatly enhanced my awareness level as an operational fire officer. The modules are very informative, and the tutors-to-student interactions are very good as well.

Training2As I move forward in my studies, I can definitely foresee my capacity as a proficient fire officer expanding. The methods of assessments are what make this program not only challenging, but very enjoyable as well. I would gladly recommend this program to any fire professional who wishes to excel and further develop.”

Shondell Hodge, Chief Officer, Anguilla Fire & Rescue Service

“I have found the BSc (Hons) Aviation Fire and Rescue course at Wolverhampton rewarding and fulfilling. There is a great support network with the distance learning tutors and the other students.”

Pamaljit Dhesi, Heathrow Fire Station, London Fire Brigade

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