Fire and Rescue Services need to have a belief that the courses and providers they engage provide them with the assurance they require in today’s litigious environment. Assessment provides reassurance that those who pass such courses have been thoroughly tested and demonstrated their skills and abilities. Artemis TDL uses a broad range of assessment including practical and simulated incidents and events, workplace assessments, written exams, multi-choice questionnaires, presentations, pre and post course workbooks, and portfolios of workplace activities. This means that our assessment system provides good evidence of achievement and not reliant on a single component. Our assessments take into account your organisation’s specific needs and assessments can be tailored to emerging issues, new processes and procedures as may be required.

“This program (BSc (Hons) Aviation Fire and Rescue(has provided me with an invaluable experience and has greatly enhanced my awareness level as an operational fire officer. The modules are very informative, and the tutors-to-student interactions are very good as well.

As I move forward in my studies, I can definitely foresee my capacity as a proficient fire officer expanding. The methods of assessments are what make this program not only challenging, but very enjoyable as well. I would gladly recommend this program to any fire professional who wishes to excel and further develop.”

Shondell Hodge
Chief Officer, Anguilla Fire & Rescue Service

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