About us

Having created and supported the University of Wolverhampton Fire and Rescue Degree programmes in 2010, Mark Taylor and Tony Prosser, Operations Command Lead & Head of Learning and Development respectively with West Midlands Fire Service, were invited in 2012 to take on the management of the course as an independent provider, a unique proposition in the UK academic community. To facilitate this Artemis Training and Development Limited (ATDL) was incorporated in 2012. Both have a passion for incident command and the Fire and Rescue Service and were subsequently invited to tutor and assess in the command school at the Fire Service College and the Emergency Planning College.


The reputation of ATDL for having knowledgeable and committed instructors gained traction and the company was approached to deliver revalidation programmes for several fire and rescue services, a product that did not exist in the UK . Further product development led to a suite of Skills For Justice Awards accredited courses including ICL 1 – 4, Level 5 Train the Trainer for Incident Command, Fire Investigation and other courses including the new Command Support level 4 programme.

In order to keep growing our output, associates have been engaged, all with suitable experience, qualifications and enthusiasm, to deliver our incident command courses and the University of Wolverhampton Degree programmes, now running 5 degrees – full time, part-time and distance learning both in the UK and across the globe.

Why Artemis?

We believe that Artemis TDL delivers the most cost-effective and complete incident command programmes in the UK. We demonstrate energy, knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject, coupled with a customer focussed and flexible approach to delivering what you want.

The purpose of this website is to allow you to view the range of courses that Artemis TDL deliver to UK Fire and Rescue Services. As with all clients, we will always tailor our courses to your specific requirements. Options for delivery may include:

All Artemis TDL staff have extensive experience in some of the most challenging operational environments in the UK including the West Midlands, South Wales and the Thames Valley. With an average operational experience of over 30 years, we want to make sure that your firefighters and managers have the right training to enable them to make the right decisions at the right time when it counts – on the fireground. All our courses are designed by firefighters for firefighters and underpinned by accreditation from Skills for Justice Awards (SfJ) to provide you with the assurance you need.

Published books

Not content with teaching, Tony and Mark have written two books: “Fire and Rescue Incident Command: A Practical Guide to Incident Ground Management” , published by Pavilion in 2019, a non nonsense and user friendly guide to the subject. In 2021, they published “ The Grenfell Tower Fire: Benign Neglect and the Road to an Avoidable Tragedy” , a critique of national policy and a failure to appreciate unforeseen consequences of changes in legislation and public safety policy. Other books planned include a firefighters’ guide to operational tactics and a guide to management of major incidents.