Advanced Incident Command in Fire and Rescue Services (ICL2)

ATD IC (I) 5: Advanced Incident Command in Fire and Rescue Services: Initial (ICL3 – Skills for Justice Level 6 Certificate)

SFJ Awards Level

SFJ Awards Level 4

Qualification Number


Course aims

To enable learners to carry out the role of commander at the most serious incidents, operating at multi-agency silver level either on scene or remotely. The course meets the requirements of NOS EFSM 2, and those of the Skills For Justice Award Level 3 in Advanced Incident Command in Fire and Rescue Services (QCF Level 6).

Who should attend?

Group Managers in role or in development and Station Managers identified with suitable potential for progression.

Learning outcomes

– Understand the principles of tactical decision-making and risk management when leading, monitoring and supporting people at operational incidents
– Be able to evaluate the status of an incident
– Be able to close down the operational phase in an incident and conduct a debrief

Length of course

The course will comprise 7 hours of pre-module study followed by a 5 day taught module comprising 36 hours of lectures, seminars, case studies and simulations. A post-module assignment will be expected to require a further 7 hours of study.

Future career progression and development

The next stage for learners is the Strategic Incident Command Course, following a period of consolidation and experiential learning.