BSc (Hons) Fire and Rescue

“Lecturers are excellent, helpful and supportive! Excellent knowledge, as they have been there and done it.” “Great support from course staff, not only with things related to the course but also personal issues. The degree has opened up so many doors for me and helped me get a part-time role in my chosen field whilst […]

BSc (Hons) Aviation Fire & Rescue (distance learning)

“This program has provided me with an invaluable experience and has greatly enhanced my awareness level as an operational fire officer. The modules are very informative, and the tutors-to-student interactions are very good as well. As I move forward in my studies, I can definitely foresee my capacity as a proficient fire officer expanding. The […]

Other recommendations

“Tony has been writing for FIRE magazine since 2003 and has written over 150 feature articles. He has an unsurpassed knowledge of the history of the UK Fire and Rescue Service, and major incidents both the UK and around the world. He manages to bring together both the operational aspects of incidents with the human […]