2017 is just around the corner. The Artemis team wants to thank everyone who helped to make 2016 such a memorable year for us.

Student success in 2017

First and foremost, thank you to our students. Whether aspiring to join the FRS or already serving, you’re the reason we run our courses. The satisfaction we get from seeing you succeed is immense. Firefighter is one of the most challenging – and exciting – jobs in the world. However, every day we see reasons to believe that the profession is in good hands.

I also want to acknowledge the University of Wolverhampton who do such a great job with the BSc Hons (Fire and Rescue) degree. We believe it is a unique course, and Artemis’ relationship with them is integral to our students’ ongoing success.

Anyone involved in firefighting will know that things are changing at a rate of knots. Money is getting tighter, while at the same time expectation in terms of performance is growing. Likewise, the role of firefighter itself is morphing into something that we’ve never seen before via multi-agency collaboration, and the ongoing community fire prevention project.

Police and crime commissioners

With that in mind, things are likely to become even more interesting as we move into 2017, with the introduction of elected police and crime commissioners into organisational structure. Some fear PCCs will politicise the Service, while others see them as an opportunity to develop even more innovative ways of working.

Whatever the implications however, firefighters will still need the same attributes they’ve always had – resilience, dedication and an infinite capacity to learn.

Have a great new year.

Tony Prosser, course leader

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