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BSc (Hons) Fire and Rescue

“Lecturers are excellent, helpful and supportive! Excellent knowledge, as they have been there and done it.”

“Great support from course staff, not only with things related to the course but also personal issues. The degree has opened up so many doors for me and helped me get a part-time role in my chosen field whilst studying.”

“Interesting content, including modules that gave a wider understanding of my career choice”

“Tutors are very approachable and helpful.”

“The course project allowed me to conduct my own research and find out just how much I had learned.”

Source: National Student Survey 2016

“The course has helped me to become a well-rounded individual. I have been able to integrate the skills and knowledge that I acquired into my career in the Fire and Rescue Service.


I had excellent help from the course staff throughout, who were always available for discussion regarding the assignments. They also helped me connect with the right people in the fire and rescue community when I was trying to gain practical experience in different fields. I believe this  greatly helped me when I finally applied for employment with the Fire and Rescue Service.

I would not hesitate to recommend this course to any of my colleagues in the Fire and Rescue Service, and also anyone wanting to improve their chances of being successfully selected for the Service.”

Jonathan James, Green Watch, Dudley Fire Station

“Having been a West Midlands firefighter for over ten years, I decided it was time to take my career further with the BSc (Hons) Degree Fire and Rescue. I specifically wanted a deeper understanding of technical elements such as structural engineering, building design, environmental awareness, as well as the opportunity to develop my leadership skills. All were modules on the degree course, and were taught brilliantly.

The degree has given me the opportunity to study part-time, and any trepidation I had about going back to university disappeared because of the magnificent support I received from the course directors.
I was able to settle in quickly, knowing that I had a network to call upon whenever I needed it.

Since starting, I have progressed through the organisation from Watch Commander into my current role as Group Commander, Head of Fire Safety and Projects. I believe that the knowledge gained on the course has been invaluable my career progression. I’m really grateful for that.”

Simon Hardiman, Head of Fire Safety, West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service

BSc (Hons) Aviation Fire & Rescue (distance learning)

“This program has provided me with an invaluable experience and has greatly enhanced my awareness level as an operational fire officer. The modules are very informative, and the tutors-to-student interactions are very good as well.

Training2As I move forward in my studies, I can definitely foresee my capacity as a proficient fire officer expanding. The methods of assessments are what make this program not only challenging, but very enjoyable as well. I would gladly recommend this program to any fire professional who wishes to excel and further develop.”

Shondell Hodge, Chief Officer, Anguilla Fire & Rescue Service

“I have found the BSc (Hons) Aviation Fire and Rescue course at Wolverhampton rewarding and fulfilling. There is a great support network with the distance learning tutors and the other students.”

Pamaljit Dhesi, Heathrow Fire Station, London Fire Brigade

Other recommendations

“Tony has been writing for FIRE magazine since 2003 and has written over 150 feature articles. He has an unsurpassed knowledge of the history of the UK Fire and Rescue Service, and major incidents both the UK and around the world.

He manages to bring together both the operational aspects of incidents with the human aspects that often lead to tragedy, using his skills and experience gained from over 30 years as an operational command officer at all levels. The lessons he identifies should be fundamental knowledge to all firefighters.”

Andrew Lynch, Editor in Chief, Fire Magazine